Traditional Musical Instrument from Regions of Indonesia


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The picture is traditional musical instrument from Minahasa
Kolintang or kulintang is a typical musical instrument Minahasa, North Sulawesi. Kolintang is made of local leightweight wood but it is strong like an egg, bandaran, detention, wood kakinik chrysolite, and having a parallel fiber construction.
Kolintang name comes from her voice: Tong (low tone), ting (high tone) and pliers (normal tone). In the local language, call "Let's do TONG TANG Ting" is: "Mangemo kumolintang". Call it eventually turned into kolintang said.


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The picture is traditional musical instrument from West Java
Angklung is the traditional Indonesian musical instrument coming from the Sundanese Land bang, made from bamboo, read out by means of being shaken (the sound was caused by the collision of the body of the bamboo pipe) so as to produce the sound shaking in the tone composition 2, 3, to 4 tones in each measurement, both big and small. The harmony (the tone) the musical instrument angklung as Sundanese tradition music most are salendro and pelog.
Angklung was created and played to attract Dewi Sri descended to Earth so that the crop of the people's rice grows fertile. The function angklung as blowerthe spirit of the people is still continuing to be felt to the colonisation period, that was the reason the Dutch East Indies government could ban the community used angklung, the banning could make the popularity angklung descended and only in played by the child- the child at that time. In his development, angklung developed and spread to all of Java, then to Kalimantan and Sumatra. In 1908 was recorded by a cultural mission from Indonesia to Thailand, including being marked by the surrender angklung, then the game of this bamboo music could then spread there.)


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The picture is traditional musical instrument from Java or Bali.
Gamelan is ensembles music which is usually highlight metallophone, gambang, gendang, and gong. Term gamelan refers instrument / appliance, whichever represent one unity intact actualized and rung joint. Words Gamelan itself comes from Javanese language gamel meaning hitting / beating, followed suffix Years which makes noun. Orches gamelan mostly exists there in Java, Madura, Bali and Lombok in Indonesia in various types sizes and shapes ensembles. In Bali and Lombok currently, and Java passing century 18, term gong more deemed synonym with gamelan.


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The picture is traditional musical instrument from Central Java
The flute is a kind of musical instrument that is blown. It is made of bamboo. However currently the flute moden there are those that was made than aluminium metal and plastic. The method of playing him was with blew. But the method blew the flute would true for dismissed the good sound


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The picture is traditional musical from Central Java
Kendang is an instrument in the Central Java. Gamelan is one of the main functions set the rhythm. This instrument is rung by hand, without helping tools. A kind of small drum is called ketipung, the medium is called drum ciblon / Chebar. Ketipung couples have a name drum gedhe Kalih commonly called drums. The functions of kendang are signaling some of the transitions (paralihan) to sections and the end of the piece (suwuk). In dance or wayang, the kendhang player must follow the movements of the dancer, and communicate them to the other players in the ensemble. In West Java, kendang are used to keep the tempo of Gamelan Degung. Kendang are also used as main instrument for Jaipongan dance. In another composition called Rampak Kendang, (a group of drummers play in harmony.
Mostly drum gamelan is played by professional players, who have long dive into Javanese culture. Most played drums in accordance players’ instincts, so when it is played by other person it will be different.